“I feel there’s a spirit in trees that’s very deep – the spirit of a tree lives on, I can give it a second life”

– George Nakashima

Wood is authentic – Wood is warm – Wood is timeless.  Our mission is to reveal and preserve those gifts.


First cut

Sawyers get the first view of nature's artistry with each cut . Colors and patterns exposed to air for the 1st time & never to be seen again.



Once dried and stabilized, the Surfacer is next to see nature's masterpiece exposed in a new light, both in the grain and the touch.



The craftsman is last to see nature's reveal. Through more delicate tools & finishes, each figure appears with depth and permanence.

Our Company

Coastal Woodworks began in 2021 with a mission to celebrate the beauty of wood.  We only work with logs fallen due to natural causes or felled for necessity. We handle milling, kiln drying, surfacing, joining, and finishing phases; truly tree-to-table.

Wood in the home brings warmth, peace, and an feeling of connection to our world.  May we all one day live free of particle board.

Our Team

Ty Balascio


Chryslyn Balascio